Arno Steichler


  • Fee to secure starting places: €15 per place.
    This is a non-refundable fee that will be deducted from the starting fee. Should the championship need to be cancelled, this fee will remain with the organizers to cover the costs they incurred.
  • First start: €120 (this includes 1 voucher for the mushers’ dinner; additional vouchers for the mushers’ dinner can be bought)
  • Second start: €50
  • Juniors: Free
  • Late payment fees for entries/payments received after the first payment deadline: €20
    (applies also to Juniors)

Please note: All payments have to be made by our national Members. Payments by individual mushers will be returned.


  • 13 January: Final deadline for WSA Members to request starting places
  • 11 January: Registration opens
  • 21 January: Deadline for WSA Members to pay fees to secure starting places
  • 4 February: First payment deadline
  • 11 February: Second (final) payment deadline
  • Changes to classes entered can be made by the team leader up until 6pm on the day before the first start.


  • National WSA Members have to request the number of starting places they require no later than 13 January by email to registrations-haidmuehle@wsa-sleddog.com
  • From 11 January, mushers will be able to register by going to https://racedata.wsa-sleddog.com 
  • All competitors have to be confirmed by our national Members. Members will receive a list of their competitors for approval no later than 11 February.